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4 Oct 2023
08. prosinca 2022 NatječajiEU natječaji

EIC Accelerator 2023

The EIC Accelerator focuses in particular on innovations building on scientific discovery or technological breakthroughs (“deep tech”) and where significant funding is needed over a long timeframe before returns can be generated (“patient capital”). 

24 1 2023
27. listopada 2022 NatječajiEU natječaji

Data space for mobility (deployment)

The objective is to contribute to the further development of the common European mobility data space announced in the Data Strategy and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, built and operated in full compliance with existing EU legislation in the mobility and transport sectors.

24 1 2023
27. listopada 2022 NatječajiEU natječaji

Data space for manufacturing (deployment)

Data sharing among manufacturing companies and with (service) providers will be increased by the deployment of two data spaces of the manufacturing industry, which will demonstrate how sharing industrial data improves company operations.

24 1 2023
26. listopada 2022 NatječajiEU natječaji

Data space for media (deployment)

The main objective is to set up and deploy a secure and trusted data space to enable media organisations active in all media sub-sectors4 to cooperate by sharing and accessing data in a mutually advantageous manner and in full compliance with the data protection legislation. 



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